Friday, 21 October 2011

Ella's Birthday

We recently celebrated Ella's 2nd birthday (Ahhh!) with a small party at our house.  I decided to go with a Sesame Street theme because Ella is slightly obsessed with Elmo.  Ella's actual birthday was so special for us.  I took her to party packagers to pick up a balloon bouquet that I ordered.  She saw the balloons in the back room and tried to run back to get them because they had Elmo on them.  When they were finally brought out to her she was so excited and she actually held on to the strings all the way to the car.  By the way, these balloons are still alive and well today...three weeks later.  Apparently we are going to have them forever. 

We had a really fun time giving Ella her birthday gifts this year because she could actually open them herself and she was excited to see what was inside.  I was amazed that she all of a sudden knew what a birthday present was.  The best part of her birthday gifts was when she opened the baby Stella doll we got her and proceeded to sit in her chair and 'feed' the baby by lifting up her shirt! 

Ella had her 3 friends, Riley, Claire and Carson, at the party.  We didn't run any games but the kids had a great time tearing apart the toyroom!  I was happy with the way the party turned out even though I spent alot of time making the cake and some party favours, which got a bit stressful.  I can't believe our baby is two!

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  1. You made that cake?? That is fabulous! Happy birthday to your little one. She is adorable. :)


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