Saturday, 22 October 2011

Rounds Ranch

We finally made it to Rounds Ranch today!  The weather wasn't perfect, but it was definately better than last weekend. Our plan was to go out after Ella's nap, however, she woke up later than usual (3 p.m.) AND she was pretty cranky.  At first, we were a bit worried and thought it might be a waste of our time.  The Ranch closes at 5 which didn't give us much time, and we didn't want to listen to her crying the whole time we were there.

When we first arrived at the Ranch, Ella was pretty timid.  We didn't bring a stroller for her to sit in, so she wanted to be carried's not exactly a small place!  We started out on a little train that is pulled around by a man on a tractor.  It's meant for children (obviously), but Ella was not about to go on by herself.  I asked the man if I could go on with her and his reply was "If you can get yourself afterwards then you can get in".  It didn't look too small, but apparently my legs are a bit longer than I thought!  Regardless of the EXTREME discomfort for me (the train also wobbles non-stop throughout the ride), it seemed that Ella enjoyed the ride.

Next we moved on to the playground.  Again, Ella wasn't going on by herself, so Adam brought her through and took her down a couple of the slides.  The playground is amazing.  I think it's all wood, including the slides, and it has many different levels.  In a couple of years, Ella will love it.

We made our way over to the petting zoo and saw some bunnies, goats, sheep, alpaca (Ella's favourite animal and the only name she remembered during our visit to the jungle zoo), and other farm animals.  I took her in to the bunny area but there were tons of children in there chasing around the bunnies.  It was a bit chaotic for me, so I can't imagine what Ella was thinking.  One little boy ended up bringin over a bunny for Ella to pet and she seemed to like that.

Adam took Ella through the hay maze as well as a spooky house maze.  After each activity she became more and more comfortable and by the time we were ready to go, she was back to her energetic self!  Before we left, Ella insisted on going to several hay bales, that were painted like pumpkins, and kissing them...after she told us what kind of face was painted on each, of course.  Part of me was horrified because she kissed those dirty things and part of me couldn't stop laughing because she does the most hilarious things.

At the end of the day, we paid $22 for two pumpkins and an hour and 15 minutes of fun.  I'm thinking next year will be a bit more fun for both the kids. 

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