Sunday, 6 November 2011

Halloween!! Monday October 31, 2011

We didn't do much talking about Halloween over the last couple of weeks, other than the million crafts Ella brought home from daycare.  So today I tried to get Ella prepared to go trick or treating and to see other kids dressed up in costumes.

We tried on both Ella's and Harrison's costumes in the afternoon and Ella seemed pretty interested.  She had also eyed the basket of candy and chocolate by this point, so I think she knew something amazing was about to happen!

Ella was dressed up as a princess...more specifically 'Belle'  from Beauty and the Beast.  Harry was dressed up in cousin Riley's old Monkey costume...more specifically he was the Beast from the same movie.  Unfortunately, the only people that knew these specifics were Adam and myself because the monkey costume looked like a monkey - not the beast, and the princess costume couldn't really be distinguished as Belle (unless you are privileged with the knowledge that Belle wears a yellow dress).

We visited grandparents and great-grandparents before dinner and then after dinner I took both kids to a few houses on our street.  With Harry in the front-carrier and Ella in the wagon, it was a bit tricky but we made it through!  I was afraid Ella would be scared (recently she has told me 'I scayed Mommy' which is funny because I didn't know she knew what scared was), but she walked up to each house and took the candy and put it in her bag no problem.  She was still her shy self and didn't talk to anybody (I was the one who said 'trick or treat', so technically I should get the candy!) but she made it without any crying. 

Next year it would definitely be easier if all our family members could be living on our street : D  Enjoy the pics - I didn't get a chance to take any pics of them in their costumes, together, but once I steal some from my mom's camera I will post those too.

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