Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Scarecrows

This week I'm getting ready to put away the fall decorations to make room for all the Christmas stuff.  We don't have much - some window stickies that are fall scenes, some candles and two little scarecrows, a boy and a girl.  Over the last month and a half they have become Ella's friends and she has 'played' with them almost every day.  These friends, whom Ella affectionately calls "Mommy and Daddy", can be found in a different and interesting position around the house almost every day.  Some days she sets them up somewhere and calls us to come and take a picture.  Other days we discover them on our own.  Aside from killing ourselves laughing and wondering 'where does she come up with this stuff??!!!', all we can really do is photo all the funny places we've found 'Mommy and Daddy'.  See for yourselves...

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