Thursday, 1 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 1

This year I got a great idea from a friend to do an activity Advent Calendar for the kids, rather than buying one of the crappy chocolate ones.  I was SO excited this morning to start doing Christmas things.  Ella has been talking more about Christmas lately, but we were holding off with movies and songs etc. until at least December.   Hopefully she catches on to the 'countdown' to Christmas day - so far all she says is 'Christmas will come soon, right Mommy?'

So, for Day 1 our activity was to listen to a new Christmas CD and look at some Christmas books.  Ella loves dancing, clapping and 'marching' to her Cd's (which she calls ABCD's).  She was so happy to see some Christmas books AND we marched through all the rooms in the basement while the Christmas music played. 

Some of the activities will be a little more exciting, but for Ella and Harry music and books seems to provide a lot of entertainment!  Stay tuned for Day 2...

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