Sunday, 11 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 10 (Sat. Dec. 10)

Today's activity was painting and colouring Christmas pictures, however, Ella had quite a fun-filled day!  In the morning she went to a Christmas party with her Grandma Kuypers.  They had lots of activities for the kids including colouring and crafts.  Ella made a nice Christmas card for Harrison which we hung on his bedroom door.

They also had Santa Claus there, but Ella wasn't interested in sitting on his knee today.  When she got home, she was pretty excited about the bag of goodies she got.  There were colouring pages, crayons, playdough and some treats (how did they know her Mommy liked little chocolate  bars?!). 

We got around to her painting activity in the afternoon.  I bought this neat little painting set from Michaels for about 5 dollars.  I was a cardboard with 4 Christmas ornament pictures that pop out after you paint them.  The best part is that the painting only requires a cup of water.  You dip the paint brush into water and wipe it over the picture which has little dots of colouring.  It is the best type of painting for a two-year old!  She was very concentrated the whole time.  The downside to this was she put so much water on one of the ornaments that all the paint completely washed off and there is no longer any colour! 

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