Thursday, 15 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 14 (Wed. Dec. 14)

We had a few adjustments to the advent calendar for today.  The initial activity I had planned was to go for a sleigh ride in the snow and then come back home for some hot chocolate (Ella's first time having hot chocolate!).  Since the snow just melted, I decided it would still be fun to go for a wagon ride because we could still look at some of the Christmas decorations and it was still chilly enough to be ready for a hot chocolate.   However, by the time Ella woke up from her nap this afternoon it was pouring rain!  Instead, I decided on a movie (Elmo's Christmas Countdown - which by the way is much more enjoyable to watch in December than it is in April).

I ended up finding a little mug for Ella to use to drink her hot chocolate, so I brought down both of our mugs with a little dish of marshmallows and a spoon.  Ella set up her little chair next to the coffee table and started eating the marshmallows right away.  I showed her how to put them in her mug and she got a little carried away.  We had to pull some back out so she could put them in my mug too - it was also a lesson in sharing ;).

After she devoured the marshmallows, I tried to show her how to drink from her mug but it wasn't too easy. She kept sticking her tongue into the cup!   Eventually I got her a little straw and that was much better.  Here are some funny pics of her with her drink as well as a couple other pics from the morning.

Her new winter placemat...she's very big on placemats

She will often make the potato heads and then line them up and ask me to take a she's done here.  You can tell the ones she made herself and the ones I helped her with!

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