Friday, 16 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 16

We sure had a busy day today!  Our official activity was to deliver some Christmas goodies and cards to our neighbours, however, we also took a trip to the Midhurst library and Wasaga Walmart.

This morning we went to the library to check out the selection.  There are so many more board books at the Midhurst location than in Elmvale, so it was nice to bring home a few new reads and a new movie (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!).  Ella busied herself by removing about 50 books from the shelves and stacking them on the children's table.  She proceeded to flip through each book then stack them in another pile.  I was trying to put the books back in the correct spot but she was pulling them off the shelves faster than I was putting them back!  I eventually got caught up. 

After Ella's nap this afternoon, we went out to the Walmart to pick up a few things and Ella lost one of her rubber boots!  She kicked them both off, but I only noticed the second one and by that time the first one was long gone.  Thankfully, they are just about too small for her, but they were her first pair of rubber boots which is sad for me.  She almost lost one of my mitts too, but thankfully I found it. 

After dinner, I packaged up some gingerbread men and Christmas bark and Ella and I walked over to a few of the neighbours to deliver them.  I ended up carrying her because it was snowing and we all know about her fear of snow.  In any case, I was glad to get out and deliver the goodies and I think Ella was happy to push back her bedtime by a few minutes!

Getting ready to go out

Ella was eager to get out the door

We didn't really get a good picture of the two of us because she wouldn't look at the camera

This is from earlier this morning when Ella was 'helping' me with the laundry.  She grabbed this basket from the laundry room and unfolded all the laundry and threw it in the basket.

This is from this afternoon when Harry and I were playing with kleenex

Kleenex head


  1. deblyn60@hotmail.comDecember 16, 2011 11:02 pm

    Did anyone think to ask at Walmart's customer service for a (rather expensive)lost rubber boot???

  2. Oh, can you do that? :P Yes, obviously I asked if there was boot turned in - there wasn't!


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