Saturday, 17 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 17

Today was finally the day we put up our Christmas tree!  I was so excited and once Ella saw the tree sticking out of the box, she was excited too.  Yes, we have a fake tree.  We'll probably wait until next year to get a real one.

Getting the tree set up turned out to be a bit of an ordeal.  We have room to set it up downstairs, but I wanted to put it upstairs in front of the big living room window.  In order to put it upstairs, we had to rearrange our living room furniture.  First, I've been meaning to move the rocking chair from Ella's room into Harrison's room - so we did that.  Then there was so much empty space in Ella's room that we decided to move the living room chair into her room instead of squishing everything into the living room to put the tree up.  It turns out the chair is a little bit wider than our hallway so we had to turn it on it's side and do some flipping around...eventually we got it in, but it's a bit bigger than we both realized.  Next, we had to move the love seat away from the window and over to the corner.  With the love seat in the corner there was no room for the lamp or the end table that were there before, so they also got moved.  Hopefully this sort of rearranging goes on in most homes at Christmas time and not just ours!
The chair and foot rest in Ella's room

Anyway, we got the tree put together - Ella was playing 'I see you' through the tree  and she helped us open up the branches so it didn't look completely ridiculous.  She was very particular about the area of the tree that was 'hers' and where Mommy and Daddy were supposed to be.  Once we turned on the lights she was completely amazed.  However, once we pulled out the ornaments she was just beside herself.  She collected about 10 ornaments that were cute and lined them up on the coffee table.  It took a bit of explaining that these went on the tree and they were not toys.  The most exciting ornament for her was the Elmo.  She carried him around and hugged him.  When I tried (three times) to put him on the tree she ripped him off and hugged him.  Finally we got him on there to stay.

We tried to get a picture of the kids in front of the tree, but Ella just won't sit to have her picture taken. We did the best we could though.

Enjoying a snack while Daddy and Mommy do some work

helping spread out the branches

Found some friends

Daddy finishing up while the kids play and Mommy supervises

some more friends

Ella would only pose for this picture while sitting in the basket and being covered with a blanket

Had to sneak this one in here

The finished (blurry) project

In the afternoon, we went out to the Spence's for the Craddock Christmas party.  Ella had a great time once she warmed up...and Harrison was his usual Momma's -  boy self.  However, cousin Nicole seemed to make an impression on him, so we may need to start bringing her with us (everywhere we go)!

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