Saturday, 3 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 2

Well, Day 2 ended with Momma popping expired Tylenol (the only kind we had!) due to a massive headache...needless to say, it didn't go as I had envisioned.  Our activity for today was to pull out the Christmas decorations and decorate the house.   Ella was pretty excited when she saw everything - I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember any of it from last year.

She found a stuffed reindeer and carried him around for awhile.  She also carried around a Christmas ball on her wrist, but I would have to say her favourite part of decorating was the lights.  I turned on the lights on a tree decoration we have and she said "Look Mommy, it's lighting!"  Hopefully she will be this easily amused for a few more years. 

After about 10 minutes into decorating Ella asked to watch Sesame Street!  Every 5 minutes after that she asked me for something - a book, a snack, water, her teddy, music for dancing, more colours (crayons) get the idea.  On top of that she kept moving a candle from the coffee table onto the foot rest...apparently it was getting in the way of her workspace (for colouring).  By the time Harrison woke up from his morning nap, I had about 4 decorations put up.  I tried asking Ella where I should hang things, and showing her what I was doing but she was more interested in seeing the finished product!  I did get some good pics of the kids though.  Maybe she'll be more helpful when it comes to putting everything away!  :)

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