Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 21

Today I made Ella a Christmas memory game.  She has a Dora the Explorer memory that she plays with often, so I thought it would be fun for her.  I printed out a bunch of Christmas pictures from clip art (MS Word) and glued them onto squares of foam.  I thought they were pretty cool and Ella seemed excited about them for a little while.  She made a few matches and then spent the rest of the time lining up the pictures across the coffee table!  She is such a funny girl. 

Only 4 more sleeps to go!

Ella put down this blanket for a 'dance floor'

Although it's a bad picture, here is Ella with her favourite attire - backpack, and two different boots

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  1. Great Blog JessicaLynn. The kids are so beautiful. What a fun way to watch them grow.
    Love Aunt Helen


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