Saturday, 24 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 24

Just a caution:  I did not proofread this before posting, so it could be atrocious!  It was too late and i had to go to bed :D

Our final advent activity was to set out a snack for Santa and the reindeer and hang up the stockings.  Our tradition is the set out the snack and stockings just before bed, but this year we did it just before Harrison's bedtime and Ella stayed up for a bit longer.  We had my parents and brother over for dinner and then my grandparents and grandma came over after for some dessert.

I was pretty surprised when Ella took her stocking and hung it up with no problem.  She also hung up Harrison's and Skittles' stockings.  Our snack for Santa was a few gingerbread cookies and a large glass for milk - for the reindeer, a carrot!  Ella said "a carrot for Rudolph".  I'm glad she's been able to pick up a few things about this time of year, even if she doesn't remember them all for next year. 

We also said goodbye to the Elf on the Shelf until next year.  If you don't know about the elf on the shelf, he comes on December first and turns up in different locations around the house until Christmas day.  He reports on the children's behaviour to Santa.  She has been pretty interested in him and every morning she runs out of her room looking for him.

We managed to get one nice family picture with Santa's snack and a quick note to Santa that I wrote for  the kids.  It read "Dear Santa,  We would please like a Christmas present.  Love Ella and Harry."   I decided to write that because most times we asked Ella what she wanted for Christmas, she said 'Christmas presents'. 

Adam and I are pretty excited about tomorrow, although it will be extremely busy and rushed, I'm hoping the kids will have a fun day!

This morning Ella had her treasures - backpack, flower and piggy bank

Dancing with Pops this afternoon

Eating our Christmas Eve spaghetti dinner

the family with Santa's snack and milk

Ella hanging her stocking

Ella, Harry and Skitles' stockings

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