Saturday, 3 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 3

Today we had two activities to complete.  Number 1 was for Ella to find a Christmas gift for Harrison and number 2 was to visit Santa Claus at the mall and sit on his knee for a picture.  Yet again, neither of these activites went the way I thought they would.

We had to put in some time at the mall before Santa arrived, so we went into a few stores to look around.  Our first mistake was to not bring a stroller for Ella.  We learned this was a mistake after the first store we went into...Hallmark.  Why is it that the only things toddlers want to touch are the breakable things!  And why does Hallmark only sell breakable things (minus the cards)!!

Anyways, Ella chattered all the way to the mall about seeing Santa.  She said to us over and over "Ella wants to see Santa" and "Harrison coming to see Santa too" etc.  However, when Santa arrived at the mall Ella quickly changed her tune.  She could only be carried when we were near him and she no longer wanted to see him.  Adam brought her over to watch him with some other kids, but there were only 3 other kids there!  When it was our turn, Harrison was as smiley as ever and he went right to Santa and sat on his knee.  Ella on the other hand clung to Adam and had no intention of sitting with Santa...but she didn't cry which was a step up from last year!

The lady taking the pictures was great and explained to me how she could crop me out of the photo if I wanted to sit next to Santa with Ella on my lap. So that's what we did and we actually got one pic of both kids.  The kids weren't smiling, but they also weren't crying and that's good enough for me!
So after the picture, we made our way over to Toys R Us express (yes, we were in Midland) to help Ella pick out a gift for Harry.  We had been telling Ella all morning that we were going to find a gift for her to give Harry for Christmas, so when we got into the toy store Adam asked Ella what she wanted to get Harrison for Christmas.  Ella's reply - "A Christmas Present".  A very smart girl we have.  I was hoping Ella would kind of understand what we were doing and see something little to get him, but we pretty much had to pick something out.  She did find a gigantic toy with bells and whistles and mirrors etc. but when we asked if she wanted to get it for Harrison, she quickly replied "No, this is for Ella".  Oh well - we have a few more people to buy/make gifts for, so hopefully by the time Christmas is over she will have some idea about giving to others.  Here is a pic we took of Ella in the mall.  She loves riding on Adam's shoulders, but today she decided to kick off her boots while she was up there!

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