Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 5 (Monday December 5, 2011)

Today's planned activity was to make homemade wrapping paper with finger paints.  We were going to get together with a friend for this craft, but today ended up being a busy day for everyone so it didn't work out.  For some reason, Ella slept until 4 pm today (she is usually up around 2:30)!!  So we didn't get around to finger painting until about 5.  It was worth the wait though!  Ella was so excited to do some painting - lately she is all about colouring and using markers and pencil crayons (yay!!).  Before we started she said to me 'Mommy get a bib for Ella!'.  She rolled up her sleeves all by herself and went to town with the paints.  The painting lasted for about 15 minutes...this was the point when she realized her hands were dirty.  "Mommy Ella's hands are dirty.  Need a cloth".  As soon as I heard this, I knew we were done.  The painting may not get used for wrapping paper because it might not be dry until after Christmas...but maybe we can hang it up in the toy room!  Can't wait for tomorrow's activity!  I already have the batter chilling in the fridge...

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  1. I love it Jessica you are doing a great job with this,keep up the good work
    Luv Grandma K (Great)


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