Thursday, 8 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 8

I'll start off by announcing I forgot my camera for today's activity!!  Unfortunately no pictures for today which is too bad because we attended a 'Kids Christmas Party' put on at Adam's school.  It was basically a party for the kids (and grandchildren) of the staff at P.S.S.  Ella seemed to have a great time.  She was her usual shy self at first, but by the time we were ready to leave she was up dancing to the Christmas music and running around like the other kids.

The party committee did a great job setting up for this party.  They had a bunch of different activities for the kids like colouring, sticker activities, a jumping mat and lots of balls with a little basketball net.  Best of all, Santa came after dinner and each of the kids had a chance to sit on his knee and get a present.  Ella was pretty excited when she saw Santa come in the room and she actually sat on his knee for a couple of minutes without crying (probably because he gave her a present)! 

I think the best part of the night (for Ella) was jumping on a high-jumping mat.  There were about 5 little girls (all Ella's age) on the mat at the same time and they were loving it!  I think the worst part of the night (for me) was when Ella ran over to the buffet table and started putting her fingers all over the food and grabbing food off the trays.  I went over and tried to pull off the food that she touched which included a baby carrot.  As I was walking back to our table I was munching on the food and absently put the baby carrot in my mouth and ate it!  This was the worst part for me because I'm allergic to raw carrots and my mouth swelled up.  Awesome.

Overall, a very successful activity and great evening for Ella.

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