Friday, 9 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 9

The planned activity for today was to go for a sleigh ride through the village (put on by the Lioness Club).  They had a bunch of activities in the Community Hall as well as ongoing horse-drawn sleigh rides through the village.  We got to the Community Hall parking lot by about 6:15 and there was already a small crowd of people there.  We waited in line for about 20 minutes before the sleigh came by and we had to wait for the second sleigh because there wasn't enough room on the first one.  By the time we got a seat on the sleigh we were cold and Ella was crying to get off. Poor Harrison was in the baby carrier with a blanket over his head because it was so windy and cold. 

Eventually Ella calmed down and sat quietly waiting for the sleigh to go, but our sleigh wasn't going anywhere.  It turns out the horses were slipping and falling because of the cold temperature, so they decided to take the horses off and hook up a tractor for the ride.  This was going to take another 10 minutes and Adam and I both knew Ella would be pretty upset if a tractor was pulling the sleigh (she is scared of the lawn mower).  We decided to get off the sleigh and just go home - because of the cold weather, the time and the potential noise from the tractor.  To make things a little more difficult, Adam pretty much carried Ella the entire way to and from the hall parking lot as well as the whole time we waited in line because she is afraid of the snow and won't stand in it (who has ever heard of a kid that's afraid of snow!!??).

On the up-side, Ella got to have a gingerbread cookie when we got home and she was pretty excited about this.  She did some other interesting things today including "helping" me with the laundry and piling her stuffed animals on top of her.  Maybe next year!

put all the diapers into the clothes basket and then asked me to take her picture (but wouldn't look at the camera!)


piled all her blankets and stuffed animals on top of her and asked me to take her picture - luckily she would look at the camera here

medium-jolly jumper

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