Sunday, 15 January 2012

Back to Blogging!

After a 3 week break, we're back to blogging!  We had a very nice Christmas/New Years holiday.  Adam was home for 2 weeks and we played it pretty low-key, other than family dinners etc.  I thought I'd share some of the interesting things that happened  over the break as well as an update on some big changes with the kids.

The kids seemed to have a very exciting Christmas morning.  Christmas day was a bit chaotic, but we made it through.  Ella and Harrison got matching Sesame Street pyjamas which they were both very happy about.  It turns out, Ella gets tired of opening presents very quickly which is okay because Harrison is an expert present opener (to our surprise).
matching Christmas Jammies!

Harry tearing through one of his presents

For New Years Eve, we stayed home and had some friends over.  Ella got to stay up a little bit later than usual, but of course she didn't sleep in until 10 am as we would've liked.  The most exciting thing about New Years (well, for me anyway) were the matching outfits Ella and I wore.  Unfortunately, we only wore them for New Years brunch because Ella was uncomfortable. 

note the matching headbands!  :D

Some interesting things Ella has been up to:
  • helping Pops try to fix our oven
  • taking off her shirt and running around the house
  • posing for a picture with her elephant piggy bank every Saturday after she receives her 'allowance'
  • walking in the snow!!  (after her babysitter told me she walks/plays in the snow all the time when she's there)

    sorry Adam!
Ella also got her second haircut.  She was having some frizz issues so we took her in and they gave her a nice little cut and - she has layers!!  Well, she has two layers in the back - but she looks very stylish.

Some interesting things Harry has accomplished:
  • first tooth finally came through (he's been working on it for a couple of months now)
  • sitting up very confidently
  • saying 'ma' 'ba' 'na' 'da' and 'ga' (I'm also pretty sure I heard 'hi momma')
  • posing every time he sees a camera
  • Posing
    this is supposed to be matching day with Daddy - both wearing grey sweatpants and dark shirts...that's the best we could do
    smiles as soon as he sees the camera!
That's about it for updates.  I'm hoping to start doing some fun winter activities now that we have some snow so I'll keep posting!  Stay tuned...

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  1. Yea - you're back! I never thought of giving Claire an allowance...maybe we'll start doing that too. I can't believe you had matching outfits, hilarious! Is that going to be a new years tradition????


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