Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Getting through the week when everyone has a cold...

I had pretty good intentions of writing individual blog posts on each of the following stories, however, life has not allowed for that to happen!  Here are some of the fun things we've been up to this past week and a half.

Firstly,  poor Ella and Harrison have been sick with terrible colds.  It has been a week now and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight for the coughing and runny noses around here!  Most of last week was spent laying on the couch, watching movies or napping.  We did manage to get to the library on Friday morning for some play and reading.  Ella wanted to sign out a Dora the Explorer movie and of course, she picked the VHS movie rather than a DVD.  I have never really appreciated to convenience of a DVD until I had to fast forward through 20 minutes of previews on a VHS.

This week has been better, so far.  Ella recently mastered an ages 3+ jigsaw puzzle she got for her birthday.  It has 12 pieces and she can now do it perfectly without any help!  Harrison can bang blocks together and move around in a complete circle when he's on his back or stomach...
First, she lines up all the pieces in a straight line...no, I did not teach her to do this!


She was holding it up to show me, and the puzzle fell out...smart enough to do a jigsaw puzzle, but not smart enough to learn that every time she holds it up, it will fall out...

On Sunday afternoon, I took Ella to Penetang to watch my cousins play hockey.  She was pretty quiet for most of the game because she was shovelling snacks into her mouth.  When the snacks were done, she did a little bit of cheering (one line of "come on boys!").  Harrison got to stay home with Daddy.  We are trying to get him to take a bottle so I can have some more freedom, but he's not having it!  He has taken a bottle two or three times before, but lately we aren't having any luck.  We even bought some formula to try after an unfortunate incident where 8 oz of breast milk had to be thrown out!!  This night was no different and I ended up feeding him when we got home from the game. 

Yesterday was our most eventful day yet.  Ella was feeling much better, although she still has a nasty cough.  In the morning we (I) built a fort in the basement.  It didn't go exactly as I planned.  Ella thought it was for jumping on and jumped on top of the blanket and knocked down the fort.  After I reconstructed it, I showed her how to go inside and she played in it for awhile.  Poor Harry slept through the fort fun, but when he woke up we all got dressed in our winter clothes and went out for a walk.  Of course it was a freezing cold day with tons of snow on the ground, so our only way to get around was to use the sleds.  Ella will not hold onto Harry if we put him on her knees, so I decided to try pulling two sleds.  I brought the kids out to the garage and pulled the sleds onto the driveway.  First I put Harrison in his sled.  His is awesome because it has a plastic cover over top to block the wind.  The problem is that he cries and cries until we start to pull him.  So as I was getting Ella in her sled and bundled up with blankets, Harry was screaming.  This eventually set Ella off - I have no idea why - so then I had two screaming kids and I still had to close up the garage and run back in to lock the house...story of my life these days!  After I managed to get a few pictures of them outside, we finally took off on our walk.  It was surprisingly easy to pull two sleds at the same time, although, I had to walk on the road.

inside the fort...it wasn't great - but I didn't have much to work with!

Ella was walking behind me on our way to the garage when she started crying.  I turned around and she said "Mommy, where did my boots go?!"  She was hysterical for a couple of minutes until I brushed away the snow to show her where her boots were.

Harry in his sled, crying

Both kids, crying

That is all the fun we've been up to.  I am hoping Harry will be feeling better soon.  I have an onion in his room, the humidifier is going, he has had Tylenol and a homoeopathic cold remedy, he has breathe easy cream on his chest, his nose has been sprayed with saline spray and snoogy snorted and his window is open a crack.  I don't know if any of these things have been working - but they make me feel better!

Here are a few extra pics:
dress up time

Harry playing with his new favourite toys...

One day I came home from picking up Ella and we walked into the house to see Harry behind the kitchen counter! 

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