Monday, 23 January 2012

Introduction to playgroups

So far, no playing in the snow!  We've either had rainy days or extremely windy days which do not make for outdoor fun.  However, we did have a very fun-filled week.

On WEdnesday we went to the Elmvale playgroup - our first time!  Ella is pretty quiet when we go out in public and is still a bit too young to really play with other kids.  At first, she didn't want to go on the little climbing playset that was set up.  She also stood and watched all the other kids run around (mostly boys that ran around like crazy people so i can't say I blame her).  Eventually she inched closer to the toys and found a few things to play with.  I have to say, our first experience at the Elmvale playgroup was interesting.  It's so convenient for us and we will definitely be going more often.  However, it was a bit overwhelming.  There were toys EVERYWHERE and there were children running and screaming EVERYWHERE.    By the time we were ready to leave she was playing and wanted to go on the playset because all the kids were off of it!  I'm hoping that if we keep going, maybe by June she'll be a little more outgoing and interactive with the other kids...I'm not going to hold my breath, though.

On Friday we had two friends, Claire and Emmett, over in the morning to play (of course their moms came too).  To be honest, the social time was more for me, but it's always good to have other kids over so Ella gets to know them and learns to share her toys.  As of right now, Ella's idea of sharing toys with Harrison is to pick to lamest toy ever and give it to him while she takes all the rest for herself!  It makes us laugh, but she is getting better with this.  After Claire went home, I took the kids out for lunch with Emmett and his mom (Michele).  I was pretty nervous because it was my first time ever taking both kids out for lunch by myself.  Of course the restaurant was packed and our server was a first-class b*tch (I feel no other word would really give the full effect of how I felt), but things went relatively well otherwise!  There were no major freak-outs from either child.  They both ate at least something for lunch and on top of that Ella announced in the middle of her lunch that she had to use the potty...and she did with no accident on the way there!  We also had a nice visit with our nice as possible while worrying that any minute things could spiral terribly out of control.  On the way home, I was feeling pretty good!

Saturday, we took a fairly quick drive into Barrie to buy a stove and a birthday present for our friend Claire.  Ella played a moderate roll in the choosing of the birthday gift.  The last time she was in toys R us she was a bit younger and the idea that she was surrounded by toys didn't really mean too much to her.  On this day, it was pretty exciting.  There were many many things she wanted to put in the cart.  I believe her exact words were "Daddy, you gotta get this for Ella" as she was reaching for everything in sight.  We shut that down pretty quickly.  She also got to pick out a second potty seat - luckily for us, she picked out a very gender neutral sesame street theme.  She calls it her 'seat potty'.  

After naptime on Saturday, we headed down to Grandma and Grandpa Kuypers' for Grandpa's birthday dinner.  The kids got to play with cousin Riley for the afternoon...and again by play with, I really mean each child played independently while in the same room. 

Finally, Sunday brought our friend Claire's 2nd birthday party!  It also brought Ella a ridiculous cough that went from 0 to 60 in less than 24 hours.  There were 6 (very adorable) little girls at the party as well as one very handsome and cute little boy (obviously, Harrison).  Unfortunately, Ella again didn't really play with the other kids, but by the end of the party...she was starting to be somewhat sociable...kind of.  I do know she didn't want to leave the party.  She loved playing with Claire's baby doll toys, riding Claire's new tricycle and eating delicious birthday cake. 

On top of all this fun Ella had, Harry go his second tooth!  He also tried avocado and hated it...

I think we're all starting to get a little more comfortable going out and doing things with two children.  It's getting easier everyday! 

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