Monday, 26 March 2012

Adam's First Summer Project - A Success!

Adam woke up on Saturday morning and decided that was the day he would assemble the new playground the kids got for Christmas.  I was a bit nervous because the instructions clearly state it is an 8 - 10 hr job with 2 people working.  Of course, Adam didn't call anyone to help him and his experience with tools and building is limited.    His plan was to put together all the smaller parts and then have some people come over to help him assemble everything.  

Here is Ella helping him put in some bolts.  She carried around the ratchet and pretended to tighten all the screws.

This lasted until I brought her out a snack...then she just watched which was probably better for Adam.

Adam had the monkey bars (shown here) as well as the frame for the swing set put together by 5 pm on Saturday...not bad.

Day two - Adam started back around 1:30  on Sunday afternoon.  He had a few helpers here and there and they managed to get the little club house put together. 

Here are my dad and Adam working while Ella patiently waits for the slide.

It didn't take her long to learn how to climb the ladder up to the slide.  By the way - they advertise this as a 'rock climbing wall'.  Not so much.

Her first time down the slide!
Dad and Adam attaching the swing set before we go in for dinner.

After dinner Adam went back out for an hour to hang the swings and attach the monkey bars.  He was done by about 8 pm.  Not too shabby for his first major project.  It was still standing this morning and it looks great!

I took Ella out to play this morning while Harry was napping.  We had to get pretty bundled up because winter seems to have returned. 

Here she is running towards the swing set.  She was pretty excited to get out there after she saw this swings through the window.

First time on the swings!

That's about all.  Hopefully we get our nice weather back soon so she can get out and play.  We will be putting sand underneath for a little sandbox and hopefully getting a baby swing so Harry can join in the fun.

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