Thursday, 15 March 2012

Catching up on February Fun

It seems I’ve been pretty lazy in blog updating, lately!  I just went through all my pictures from February and chose some to post on the blog. 

One of our best dinners this month was a homemade pizza Ella and I made.  I made the dough (well, the bread maker made the dough – but I spread it out on the pan!) and Ella put all the toppings on.  This was her first time helping with a pizza and she was very proud at the end.  She also managed to shove a few handful of grated cheese in her mouth without me being able to stop her.  Right before I was about to take the pizza and put it in the oven, Ella leaned over and took a bite out of the dough!  I saw her slowly leaning over and I knew she was going to do it, so I was able to get it on the camera.

The picture below is Ella dancing with her ‘ballet’ skirt.  For about a week, she would run to her room after dinner to get her skirt and ‘do ballet’.  This pretty much consisted of her holding up one of her legs in the air and twirling around in circles.  If you look closely, you can see Ella’s black tutu Adam has attached to his jeans.

One morning I was in the kitchen and I could hear Ella talking to herself.  When I went into the hallway, I saw her lying on the floor reading one of her books…she knows most of her favourite books by heart.  We are so proud!

Lastly, here are a couple funny things I caught on camera.  Ella set Harrison and herself up at an activity set we have.  She got to sit on the side with the keyboard and Harry got the shapes.  In this pic she is singing a song at the top of her lungs.  The other picture is Ella in bed with her toy vacuum.  She went through a brief obsession with this vacuum and one night she even wanted to sleep with it…unfortunately she won’t get anywhere near the real one.

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