Sunday, 25 March 2012

Goodbye Old Friend

This week we said goodbye to our family pet Skittles.  He has been part of my family for almost 15 years - half my life.  We found him one day when he followed my brother and cousin home from school.  After that we found out his owners didn't really want him, so my brother and I pooled our money and bought him...probably the best hundred dollars we ever spent!

He was always a playful and energetic boy who could barely contain his excitement when visitors came over...up until the last few years, he displayed this excitement by peeing on every person who came over. 

I was worried about what to tell Ella because she had become so attached to Skittles over the last two years.  She was also very concerned when I took him into the groomers on Monday and he was gone all day.  It turns out, all we had to say was Skittles is leaving and he's not coming home.  The kids gave him a 'hug' and 'kiss' and that was that.  There were no questions before we left or when we returned with no Skittles, although, Ella still talks about him as if he is still here. 

We have so many cute, funny and also irritating stories about Skittles that we'll remember for a long time.  I can only hope Ella will hold some memory of him too.  Here are a few recent pics of our boy.

In the crib - before Ella was born

Last family picture with Skittles

He was always very hospitable to the babies we brought into his home :)

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