Friday, 30 March 2012

Harry's Trip to Sick Kids

I'll start off by saying Harrison is FINE and doesn't have any major health issues.  He had to take a trip to Sick Kids' Hospital this week only because he has a minor cyst on his bladder and there are no Paediatric Urologists in our area.

We decided to go down to Toronto on Tuesday night and stay over in a hotel because our first appointment was at 9:30am and we didn't want to deal with a ridiculously busy morning.  Our plan was for Harry to have his night-time bottle around 6:30pm and then hopefully he would fall asleep in the car ride down.   Things didn't exactly go the way we wanted, though.  Harrison didn't fall asleep until just outside of Toronto and he woke up as we were getting to the hotel.  Of course, he was wide awake as we were getting to our room.  He wanted no part of going back to sleep and it was probably 10pm before he actually got to sleep for the night.  I couldn't be too mad though - after all it was his first time staying in a hotel and he was excited!

Harrison in his 'bed' at the hotel.  He's pretty happy here because we brought him one of Ella's toys which he is rarely allowed to play with at home (Ella keeps close tabs on her toys)
Harry had an ultrasound appointment for 9:30am and a clinic appointment for 12:30pm.  We were able to get to the hospital with plenty of time to figure out where we were going which turned out to be completely unnecessary because it's so easy to get around and all of the staff were extremely helpful.  We were so impressed with the facility and the people there.  Harry was called in for his ultrasound at 9:20am and it was over in about 5 minutes.  Then they receptionist was able to get us in to the clinic appointment directly after his ultrasound (AMAZING!!).  We were at our car and pulling out of the parking lot by 10:15am, and we were pulling into our driveway by 12:20pm...10 minutes before his second appointment was scheduled.

The highlight of my day was when Harrison peed all over the examination table..I'm talking ALL was covered with urine.  That will teach those doctors to press on a little baby's bladder!

Harrison and Adam waiting for the doctor to come in.  Harry is getting pretty tired here - by this time he would have been napping for about an hour.


  1. When I heard you had an appt at Sick Kids the nurse in me started to worry. I'm so glad he is okay and that the appt went well. Love all your pictures and stories of your beautiful children. Hugs, Aunt Helen

    1. Yes, he is definitely doing well. Thanks for reading!


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