Thursday, 15 March 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day was pretty fun at our house this year.  I got some paper bags and wrote everyone’s name on one.  I got out some stickers and markers and let Ella decorate some of the bags.  I also tried to get her to make some Valentines cards for Adam, Harry, her grandparents and her cousin.  She was really only concerned with putting stickers on things…so I ended up doing most of the work!

Here are some pics of the night before Valentine’s Day as we hung up our bags on our bedroom doors as well as Ella putting her cards into the bags and then looking at the cards she got.  I thought I was being so wonderful by getting Ella a big cookie from the bakery…I was thinking, she will love this treat because she doesn’t get them very often.  Well, after the cookies from the babysitters, the smarties from Nan and Pops, and the sucker from cousin Riley, I was regretting the cookie…she ate it anyway.

Although Harry didn’t get a cookie, he did get some Mum Mums and that was enough to please him.  He also enjoyed eating his cards!

Ella putting her card in Mommy's and Daddy's bags

Ella's pretty excited about her cookie

She's still buzzing from all the other sugar she's had today

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