Tuesday, 24 April 2012

April Snow will bring May flowers?

Ella recently found the 'snow man making kit' hidden away in the closet.  Since then she has been asking me - no begging me - to make a snowman.  Of course, once the snow is gone and Spring  is well underway, Ella wants to play in the snow.  I explained to her that I would definitely make a snowman with her the next time it snows, but it probably won't snow for a really long time....wrong again Mommy!

As I drove through a ridiculous 'snow' storm on my way to ball hockey at 9:30pm last night, I thought to myself, if there is snow on the ground tomorrow morning,  I'm going to have to make a snowman...good God.

As we all know, there was snow on the ground this morning and I did have to make a snowman.  To my surprise, it was excellent packing snow.  The best we've had all season!  We had about 10 minutes to put this little guy together before we had to get in the car and go to daycare. Of course I did all the rolling, but Ella actually helped pile the snowballs on top of each other.  She also put in the eyes, carrot nose and pipe.  Here is our April snowman.

He's just a little guy

Unfortunately, he had fallen over by the time I returned home 20 minutes later.  I'm guessing he'll be gone by the time Ella gets home today, and hopefully we won't see him again until next winter!


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