Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Fun - Day Five!

Today was our Easter get-together at Adam's parents' house (Grandma and Grandpa).  We went over when the kids woke up from their afternoon naps.  Grandma had an outdoor Easter-egg hunt set up and then the kids played for a bit before a delicious dinner and bunny cake dessert!  It's too late for me to write much more about our day - other than the kids had a ton of fun (well Ella did...Harry is hard to read) and we are all exhausted!   Here are some of the best pics of the afternoon.  Somehow they got completely out of order when uploading and I'm too tired to rearrange them...enjoy!

Ella, Auntie Angie and cousin Riley - I'm not sure, but it looks like Riley is kissing Ella's hand here

Uncle Chris holding Ella and Riley back from the cake...they are ready to dive in!

Delicious Easter-bunny cake Grandma made

They finally got their cake!

Like mother - like daughter...Ella has chocolate in one hand and cake in the other!

Harry and me with his basket

Ella finding some eggs

Ella and Riley - Riley knew all the good hiding spots!

Grandma, Ella, Riley and Harry

Harry couldn't get in on the action, but he still ended up with a basket full of eggs

Riley getting the eggs down from the tree

Riley and his basket of eggs

Ella and her basket - truthfully, she was more interested in going to play in the playhouse!

cousins looking for eggs - love this pic!

Harry on Adam's shoulders - it's hard to see, but he has an egg in his mouth.

Riley and Ella in the playhouse

A family pic - thanks to Aunt Anne Marie who stopped by
(L - R:  Aunt Angie, Uncle Chris, Riley, Grandma, Grandpa, Ella, Adam, Harry, me)

I was trying to get Harry with his pink neck tie here.  Unfortunately, it's hard to see.

Ella, finally getting to play in the playhouse after a long winter : )

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