Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Fun - Day Four!

This has been a pretty busy day for me.  I spent most of my morning cleaning the house and digging out the Easter decorations from under the stairs. It was hardly worth the hour it took me to get at the decorations.  We have one broken Easter wreath, several Easter egg plant sticks (I only have three plants, so each one has about 4 sticks in it) and a pair of plush bunnies.  If I had known how few decorations we had, there would have been much more crafting going on this week!

This afternoon I had Ella helping me with a cute birdhouse craft.  Check it out:

Here are the two birdhouses - I painted them a few months ago.
from the front
from the back 
Here's Ella after I painted her hand with some blue finger paint

So the idea was to put one of Ella's hand prints on each birdhouse and turn them into a bird or chicken...or something of that nature.

If you look closely, you can see the eyes I painted on each one.  The orange one ended up looking more like an alligator and the blue one ended up looking more like a turkey.
the eyes are on the thumbs, if you're having difficulty finding them.

Taking a break from crafting to pose for a picture with Elmo...this was Ella's request, but again she wouldn't  even look at the camera!
Harry's not interested in birdhouses - he has his eye on those wooden sandwiches!

He was pretty happy here when he finally got himself some lettuce.
 OK, back to the craft.  My next idea was to use Harrison's hand prints to make flowers.  There are no pics of Harry getting his hands painted.  I'll just say it wasn't a pretty scene.  Here are the finished products, though.

it's pretty hard to see the yellow flower here...but it looks pretty good 
 Lastly, there are individual finger prints along the front which are supposed to be more flowers. I finished off by painting some stems on each of them.

We hope you enjoyed!  We'll be back tomorrow with some more Easter fun.

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