Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter Fun - Day One!

We are getting ready for getting ready for Easter around herewith a few fun activities and crafts.  One of the Christmas activities Ella really loved was playing with felt shapes, so I decided to finally make her a felt board.  I was thinking about how I wanted to make the board and I decided it would be best to have interchanging background colours - so there are a couple of options!  I also wanted something Ella could play with on the floor or propped up on her easel.  

Here's what I did:

 I bought a large foam board, two felt colours (I chose green and white) and some sticky-back Velcro.

 I cut both pieces of felt so they were the same size as the foam board.  The scissors I used weren't very sharp, so my felt sizing was a little off.  I would suggest extremely sharp scissors when cutting felt!
 I attached the Velcro in several spots on both pieces of felt as well as on the corresponding spaces on the foam board
 Lastly, I attached one of the pieces of felt to the foam board.  

This was a rushed project for me.  In the future, I would definitely get rid of the creases in the felt first and do a better cutting job.  Below are some of the spring shapes we made for the kids to play with.  I put the pieces on the first picture, but Ella is pretty funny with them.  She has a different idea of how the pieces should be put on the board as you can see from some of the other pictures.  

I went a little overboard when buying the felt to make shapes, so there are a lot for Ella to choose from.  She is really into geometric shapes right now and she can identify circle, square, triangle, octagon and oval.  She sometimes forgets about rectangles, though.  I believe her favourite is an octagon - she was SO happy when I cut out two octagon shapes for her.  Just a heads up - if any of you are planning on cutting out an octagon shape those suckers are hard!! For the love of God, trace it!

 As I've posted before, Ella has a process when it comes to doing most things.  Here, she has all of the pieces placed on the carpet before she can put any of them on the board.  Let's be logical, though.  It makes perfect sense to lay them out so you can see what you have to work with!

 Ella placed the yellow circle on the board for the sun, and I put the 'rays' around it.  She has had a difficult time understanding that it's a sun and kept asking me what those things are that I put around the sun.

At last, I was able to get one of her semi-looking at the camera.  I asked her several times as she was playing if she could look at me for a picture and she simply replied 'no Mommy, I can't look at the camera'.  

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