Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Fun - Day Seven!

Today marks the end of our 'Easter Fun' series.  It has been a great week full of many Easter and springtime activities.  I think today was probably the most fun of all, for Ella.  She has eaten so much candy and chocolate today that she might look like a jelly bean when she wakes up tomorrow morning!

We had a nice morning with the kids at home as well as out around town.  We had a mini Easter egg hunt here at home and then the kids were able to play outside for awhile while the weather was beautiful (the afternoon weather was miserable!).  After lunch and naps, we headed over to my grandparents' house (Great Grandma and Great Poppa) for dinner and of course, another Easter egg hunt...what Easter would be complete without your children hunting for eggs on three separate occasions?

The kids had their adorable matching Easter outfits on...well, matching because I bought Ella a dress and made Harry a tie to match...and I would say all potential meltdowns were avoided.  A good day overall.  Here are the pics to prove it!

Treats the Easter bunny left for the children
Ella has found two eggs here and she keeps finding more everytime she turns around...she's so excited she doesn't quite  know what to do
Ella's new tricycle!  
See what I mean...her expression here is priceless; it's by far the best picture of the day

Trying out the trike...her legs are still a bit too short so Daddy got out the handle!  

Harrison's new swing...he may appear a bit grumpy here, but he did just wake from his nap and it's a bit sunny.  About 5 minutes after this he was swinging and laughing and of course trying to pull on the swing beside him.

Harrison found some tissue paper...

Love this pic...Daddy with the kids looking at cute Easter books from Great Grandma and Great Poppa

Egg hunt #3 treasures - Ella managed to unwrap this chocolate chicken without me noticing and is about to devour it.  

Now it's Harry's turn to be excited...he found some 'shakers'!

Ella eating her dessert...her exact words when she saw it were "Great Grandma, you did make a cake for me?"

Ella and Great Poppa playing 
 Well, as I said that's it for the Easter activities.  I'll be back in a few days with an update!  Happy Easter from our family : )

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