Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter Fun - Day Three!

Today for our Easter fun activity, we decided to bake some Easter cookies!  I have a cute little cookie sheet with Easter moulds and there was a recipe for sugar cookies on the back of the packaging .  Ella and I decided to make the cookies this morning, while Harrison was napping.  Poor Harry missed out on another Easter activity - but I'll have more on him later!

I've certainly learned how important it is to have all the ingredients pre-measured and ready to go before even suggesting to Ella that we're going to bake something.  If you've ever tried to hold a 2 year old off from baking cookies because you have to set things up, you'll know what I'm talking about!  I like to measure all the ingredients and put them into containers that will be easy for Ella to pick up and dump out.  After everything was set up on the counter, we both got our aprons on and we got started.

Ella was so excited to get the ingredients in the bowl.  She was also very serious as she poured each item.  She was a little put - off by the stand mixer ("I'm scared Mommy", she said) but it was a definite improvement from her reaction to the hand mixer which is a little bit louder.  I'll just take this opportunity to say I'm love - love - loving my new Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  I know it's supposed to be a bit of a time saver because you don't have to stand over it while it's mixing, but I can't help myself!  I watch, in awe, as it mixes every time. 

The salt made it around the outside of the bowl, but not quite inside

She couldn't wait for me to bring the bowl over to the mixer, so she started  'mixing' it herself 

Refuses to look at the camera here

We were supposed to get 3 dozen cookies from the batch, but I made the first few too thick.  We ended up with about 2 and a half dozen...maybe a few less than that after we sampled some!

Here is a sample of our cookies.  I'm a bit disappointed the imprints aren't more visible.  I searched everywhere in my cupboard, but couldn't find any treats to decorate them.  Hopefully, I'll be more prepared next time!

As for Harry, I decided to bring him shopping with me this afternoon.  I remembered yesterday that I haven't bought any Easter treats yet!  Here are some pics of Harry's afternoon outing.

Just before we got out of the car 

Trying to steal my candy!  

Trying to steal my candy still...and right before we got told there were no cameras allowed in the store (which is ridiculous)

On our way home!
That's about it for today.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's fun!

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