Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Fun - Day Six!

Harrison and I had a pretty funny morning.  He wasn't interested in a morning nap today, so I got him up and he 'helped' me for the diapers.  What a little monkey he is turning out to be!  I made four piles of diaper inserts and he tore through them like nobody's business.  You can see him in the pictures below - he is so happy with the mess of diaper liners he made.

Here he was just caught pulling down another pile of liners...he didn't know what to do so he just screamed and laughed.

He is still able to enjoy his piano with this mess around him!
Loves standing up at his piano
He certainly thinks he is a funny boy.

I did have a lovely finger painting craft planned for this afternoon, but that got thrown out the window when Ella decided to play outside instead!  Fine with me - we finally had a nice sunny day with no wind.  We haven't really been able to get out and play on our new swing-set since it's been up because of the colder weather.  We got bundled up (it's still a tiny bit chilly) and headed outside.  Harry was set up on his blanket and Ella got down to business setting up all of her outdoor toys. 

Harry and Pops chillin' on the blanket

Ella is getting her doll 'Fleecie' buckled into her stroller

Cooking Nan some hotdogs and pizza

Handsome boy

Harry is attempting the slide

Ella heading down the slide with Nan and Pops

Ella is trying very hard to share her toys here...she's doing pretty well.

Big helper watering the flowers for me...unfortunately, she missed the flowers and watered the weeds.

Harry is LOVING the sand table - his first time playing here...Ella has her hands in the water table 
Although we didn't get up to any Easter activities today, it was fun getting outside for some springtime play!

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