Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Harrison the troublemaker

We officially have a troublemaker on our hands!  Little Harrison, who is now 10 1/2 months, has been getting into such mischief lately.  It was as if he knew he had to get moving as soon as he turned 10 months old.  We have caught him standing at the coffee table reaching for Easter candy, pulling books down from the TV stand, tearing apart Ella's board puzzles, playing with the bread maker, trying to pull around the kitchen stools and of course throwing toys all over the place.  We usually catch him just before something disastrous would happen, lucky us, but if we have our backs turned you better believe Ella is right there...especially if her toys are involved!

I put together a few pictures of the trouble Harry has gotten himself into.  I'm pretty sure I should be stopping him rather than snapping pictures, but it's just too funny!

sliding, sliding...

...and down.

I've already shown this one...but it's too funny.  Ella takes over the entire family room so Harry has no choice but to get into her toys.

Already showed this one too...but he's having such a great time here!

Taking over Ella's outdoor toys

This was taken right before he put a handful of sand in his mouth...nice.

He LOVES to throw these magnets all over the kitchen floor

"Should I go for it?"....


Both kids love this broom - but neither is able to use it properly yet....someday :)

Trying to get to the TV...he loves Dora

Reaching for the VCR...yes, we have a VCR

Just about to tear Ella's puzzle apart...he thinks this is hilarious.

Going for the VCR again...he thinks I'm not watching.
I should add, Harrison is pretty intrigued by our VCR.  He loves to stick his hands in it.  I wouldn't be quite so concerned about it, but I have vivid memories of my cousin getting his hand stuck in one...so I'm a little nervous of the VCR infatuation!

Despite his wild side, he's still a sweet cuddly little baby.  A bit of a Mommy's boy, but I'm OK with that!  After all his fun yesterday, here's Harrison sitting with his book.  No joking, he sat turning the pages on this book for about 10 straight minutes.  I forgot all about his trouble-making!  

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