Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Lesson in Planting Broccoli - and Other Shenanigans

My plan for today was to FINALLY start my broccoli seeds.  This will be my third year putting broccoli in the garden and I think I will finally get it right this time!  The first year I started the seeds outdoor in June... definitely not enough time to grow broccoli here.  Last year I started the seeds indoors and they did great, but I got a bit lazy and didn't keep the weeds away from them once they were transplanted outside (in all fairness I had just had a baby!).  We did get quite a bit of broccoli last year - but this is going to be the year for loads of delicious broccoli...I can feel it.

The best part about gardening this year will be getting Ella to help me out.  I'm hoping it will be a great learning opportunity for her and I decided to start by getting her to help with the broccoli seeds.  We took a trip (by trip I mean a 3 minute drive) to the gardening centre this morning to get our seeds and from there we seemed to get caught up in a few other activities!  Either something outrageous always happens when I try to do a project - or I'm just a complete drama queen.

I realize there are several pics here, and I tried to narrow them down as much as possible.  Let's be honest, though, the pics are the best part!

the kids getting ready to go

Loaded up into the car..Ella avoiding the camera

Ella holding up the seeds we got from the store
 Now, let's pause the picture show for a moment.  The most exciting thing happened while we were in the gardening centre!  As we were standing at the cash register to pay, we heard the sound of several chicks.  Apparently, the store we were at sells baby chicks and the girl next to us was picking up a box jam-packed full of them.  We were so lucky the lady buying the chicks offered to show them to Ella.  She set her box on the floor and pulled one out and she even let Ella pet it - it was fabulous.  Ella was pretty happy about this.  Where was my camera at this moment, you ask?  Why, it was in my bag on my shoulder.  Why didn't I pull it out and take a cute little picture?  That's a good question...I have no idea.  I'm already making plans to go back in and ask them if we can see some chicks - I'll have my camera ready then!

OK - back to the project.
Ella and I are shovelling some of the soil into a bucket

Ella decided we needed another bucket full of soil (getting side-tracked part 1)

After my many attempts to get her to look at the camera, she finally does and this is what we ended up with

Getting side-tracked part 2
This is what I saw when I turned around after taking off my coat...yes, we are in the house and bucket is upside-down

Here is the empty bucket...if you look closely, you'll see all our soil on the carpet beside the bucket 
 There was a brief break in the broccoli planting project at this point.  Obviously, to clean up the dumped soil, which Ella claimed she dumped out to 'make a snowman'.  There was also lunch and an afternoon nap and a visit to Nan's house and Mommy regaining her composure.  Much later this afternoon, we picked it up again:

All set up with our soil and egg carton 

Getting Side-tracked part 3 - Ella had to go and get her doggy to  'watch' us...his name is Skittles

Finally, starting to put some soil in the egg cups.  She is doing a great job here and  surprisingly there was very little mess

Finishing up with the soil

Here, she is putting some seeds into one of the cups...we ended up getting a little cup for her to put the seeds in and then dump into the soil - the seeds were sticking to her hand and her coordination is a bit off to drop them right into the soil from her hand
Getting Side-tracked part 4...she had to take the doggy for a walk.  Mommy finished  planting the rest of the seeds.
Finished!  Ready to water and sit on the kitchen counter

 Here's a look at some of the other shenanigans we got up to today:
Harry's morning swing

Ella trying to climb up the slide


Harry trying to pull himself up on the funny farm...this is the only thing he hasn't mastered yet!

He's just about to give up because I have his bottle in my hand

Daddy and Ella reading bedtime books
Overall, it was a great day!

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