Saturday, 21 April 2012

Maple Syrup Time!!

Our adventure for today was visiting the local Maple Syrup Festival!  Adam and I usually like to take a quick walk up and grab some maple candy and a world-famous Schnauzer and then head back home.  I don't spend too much time looking at the crafts and we definitely stay away from the rides (where the swarms of crazy parents and kids are)!  This year it seems we have become part of the swarm of crazy people.  No more sneaking up for a quick treat.  Ella saw the rides set up a few days ago and started asking to ride on the ponies (the ones on the carousel).  Lucky for us the rides were running yesterday afternoon, so we didn't have to try and fight through the crowds today.  I have a feeling we will really be in trouble next year when she is big enough to go on more of the rides.  Here are a few pics from yesterday afternoon.

On the Carousel...she's been talking about these darn ponies for the last two days!

Of course, she wouldn't look at the camera...still can't believe she went on this ride!

And she's on it again!  She was so brave going up so high in the air.

Finally got one where she's looking!

Even though we went to the rides yesterday, we still had to go for a walk through the festival today.  Here are the kids (and part of Adam) as we were heading out.  We are so lucky to live in town so we don't have to find a parking spot!

We were surprised to see a REAL pony ride once we got to the festival.  Ella seemed excited at first and wanted to go on them.  Here she is on her pony!  There is a  Dora episode with ponies, so she has a slight obsession.

And here is cousin Riley on his pony...

After a couple minutes, Ella's enthusiasm faded and she wanted to get off.  She stuck it out though. 

If it looks like Adam's trying to keep her on the pony, it's because he is!  She was trying to climb off while the pony was still walking.

Harrison was too small for the pony ride...he's not taking the news well.

Here are Ella and Riley with their balloons.  We tried to get a picture of them standing together and possibly holding hands...this was the best we could do.

After an hour at the festival, we had been on one pony ride, Adam had his Schnauzer and I decided to scrap the maple candy.  We came home to get warmed up...

...and play with some toys! 

If you're wondering why I didn't mention buying any maple syrup at the 'Maple Syrup Festival', it's because we still have a huge jug of delicious home-made syrup from a friend.  I wish the weather was a bit warmer, but we had a nice time anyway!

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