Monday, 23 April 2012

My Spring Wreath

Well, I finally made a wreath! I had great plans to make a cute pine cone fall wreath...that never happened.  I also had plans to do a Christmas-themed wreath with Ella...also never happened.  So here it is, my wreath debut!

Disappointed?   I thought you might be.  Unfortunately, it's not finished yet!  I can't decide how to finish it off, so any suggestions are welcomed (you can leave them in the comments section below).

My inspiration for the wreath (so far) came from Pinterest where I saw these cute Tsumami Kanzashi flowers made from squares of fabric.  There is a great tutorial on how to make them on the website 'Cut out and Keep'.  I had an old plain wreath lying around, so first I covered it with some tulle (also have tons of that lying around!) and then I glued on my flowers.  I was wondering about maybe wrapping some thin ribbon around it?  I'll be anxiously waiting some suggestions.

Moving on - here are some funny pictures of these crazy kids living in my house.

At Nan's house reading some books...apparently she needs glasses to read.

Rolling out her pizza pie!  She has been smiling for me lately - which is good.  But by the time I click the button on the camera, her smile looks like this - which is not so good.

Harry is dancing on the counter...clearly he is being encouraged by Daddy!

He loves pushing around Ella's baby doll stroller.

Digging for treasure...gotta love these 'no spill' snack bowls.
That's all for today.  Thanks for reading : )

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