Sunday, 29 April 2012

Spring Craft Idea...gone awry!

So, I decided to attempt a spring-themed craft with Ella, but it got a little out of hand!  Silly me thought it would be fun to do some more tissue paper art.  Remember the cute pictures you used to make in Kindergarden (or probably more like grades 1 - 3), where you wrap tissue paper squares around the end of a pencil, dip it in white glue and paste in on the page?  I thought that would be fun for Ella and I to do...wrong!  She totally didn't get it.  Of course she didn't, she's only two and a half.

I pulled out some tissue paper, white glue, scissors and a couple pieces of construction paper.

I cut the tissue paper into small squares and I cut out a stem and two leaves from the green construction paper.  Then I drew a tulip shape on the brown paper - this is the guideline for where to put the tissue paper.    Ella helped me glue the stem and leaves onto the paper.  This was fun for her; she loved patting it down after the glue was on.

Before I could tell her what we were going to do, she grabbed all the tissue paper...and posed for the camera.

In case you never got to do this type of craft, here's what you do with the tissue paper:

wrap it over the end of the pencil and dip it in glue

press it onto the paper and hold a few seconds

Ella and I held the pencil together a few times, but then she decided it would be more fun to throw away the pencil and just use her hands.  Which was true - it was more fun and easier for her.

We scrunched up the paper and dipped it into the glue and here's our finished picture!  Not too shabby.

Although, I should mention Ella abandoned ship about 3/4 of the way through to organize her pencil crayons and markers...

...silly girl.

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