Sunday, 15 April 2012

Two Peas In A Pod

Things are starting to get a little more comfortable around here.  We recently moved Harry back into Ella's bedroom (so now they share a room) and we got our extra room back!  I love our extra room because it has a big closet to store extra kitchen stuff that I have no room for in the kitchen cupboards.  There is also a door that leads to the deck and the back yard as well as lots of room for our coats, shoes and winter gear.  It was quite a winter not being able to use this room or have the access to the backyard.  We basically had to rearrange our house to accommodate.

Our plan all along was to have the kids share a room, but that plan changed when we remembered how a screaming baby sounds at 3 in the morning.  Ella was pretty good about sleeping through Harry's crying, but I felt horrible the whole time!  So, we moved the crib, change table and one dresser in to the back room and blocked off the door to outside.
Ella's room - before 
Harry's room before - the only picture I could find that kind of shows the set up 

I wasn't sure at first how Ella would react to Harrison moving back in with her.  I'm not even sure if she remembers the crib being in there 10 months ago.  To both of our surprise (I think) Ella was pretty excited to have Harrison sleeping in 'her room'.  We had a week trial where he slept in the playpen - only because we have to take the crib down to move it and we weren't prepared to move it twice if the room sharing wasn't going to work out yet.  Before the week was up, we had the crib and change table moved in and we scored a tall dresser from Adam's parents to fit both kids's clothes in!  Yay!

The room - sharing has been going on now for about a month and I think we're getting along well.  Some days we have to put Harrison in our room for his afternoon nap because Ella wakes up too early and wakes him up too.  Otherwise, they're like two peas in a pod.  Ella even calls it 'Ella and Harrison's room' now.

Cute Story:
One afternoon Ella came out of her room after her nap and she shut the door behind her (she usually leaves it open and comes running out).  I heard her and met her in the hallway.  She ran up to me and she was so proud that she shut the door all by herself.  I said to her, "Good girl Ella, you shut the door by yourself.  Is Harrison still sleeping and you didn't want to wake him up?"  Ella replied yes with a nod and a smile.  A few minutes later she said, "Harrison has his eyes open."   I cracked up.  I'm not sure why she shut the door when she knew he was awake, but right after she told me his eyes were open she went running back to 'get him up'.  She is such a funny girl.

As for Harrison,  he is happy wherever we put him.  He may not be happy about all the stuffed animals Ella piles on top of him while he's in his crib or when Ella pulls his soother out of his mouth and puts in on her bookshelf, but otherwise he's living the good life!

Here's the new bedroom set-up.  I'm pretty happy with the furniture arrangement.  Somehow it feels less crowded than when it was just Ella's stuff in here!
so spacious!!   ha-ha...well, more than I expected anyway. did these get in here...
Only Ella could pull off a flower head-band, movie star sun glasses and a crocheted toque. 

I snuck up on Harrison here

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