Saturday, 12 May 2012

Friday Morning at the Library

Most Friday mornings, after Harrison naps, we head over to the library for some free entertainment.  Ella plays with the many puzzles while Harrison goes wild on the basket of blocks.  When Ella feels she has sufficiently played with all the puzzles and toys, we choose some books, one movie and one puzzle.  

The three of us ready to head out.

I should share how the library visit unfolds.   Surprisingly, Ella has a routine that she follows pretty strictly each time we are there.  

First, she likes to push the buttons that open the doors.  

Next, we go inside and take off our coats and shoes at the doorway.  Then Ella carries her library bag over to the counter and places all the books, movie and puzzle onto the counter one at a time.  Usually her Librarian friend is there to great her and ask questions about her books from the week (I didn't ask her permission, so there are no pics of the library friend - she's there, though!).

After all the items have been returned, we take the same route each time, through the stacks of books, to the back of the library where all the toys and children's books are kept.  This is where she gets into the puzzles. 

Here she's just getting started.
A little later on - she has almost worked though all the puzzles.  Notice the pile of puzzles she has completed.  She also likes to line up all the pieces of the puzzle she's currently working makes sense people!
While Ella works on her puzzles, Harrison gets into anything and everything!

He found the stack of books Ella would like to sign out...Dora is his absolute favourite because he recognises her from the TV.

His favourite library toy - the blocks!

Trying to climb the stairs - his new favourite challenge!

He made it up one stair!

Today Nan came with us to the library, so she built a few block towers for Harry.  They didn't last very long, though....

One down...

... two down.

Cutest Harrison pose of the morning.

Trying to build his own tower??
When Ella finally finishes with the puzzles, she moves over to the big bucket of toys.  Some days she plays with them for half an hour, and some days she plays with them for three minutes.  We never know with this girl.

After playing with the toys today, Ella sat and 'read' the books she chose - just to make sure they were the ones she really wanted!
Cutest Ella pose of the morning.
When we are ready to leave, we put all the books we've chosen into her bag and head over to the movie stand.  After I say 'no' to a few movies ("Dora's Christmas Adventure" in May...really?  You would say no too.), we hopefully find one we haven't seen a bazillion times.  


Ella carries her bag over to the counter and places each item, one at a time, onto the counter.

Here she is greeted again by her Librarian friend.
After the books have been signed out and returned to the bag, Ella's friend offers her a stamp for her hand.  Ella gets to choose the stamp.  Harrison is still too small for a stamp, but sometimes Ella tries to score one for him too.  

Today she chose a duck stamp

We are having a bit of an issue with getting Ella to say 'Thank You' to her Librarian friend, but hopefully one of these days it will happen.  I swear she says thank you when she's at home!  She seems to get really shy around other people, though.  After the stamping is completed, we're on our way home for lunch and naps...may favourite part of the day!  :D

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