Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Harrison's First Birthday - A Milk and Cookies Affair

WARNING - this is a long one.

Well, my baby boy turned 1 year-old today (sniff sniff).  I was looking through some pictures from the past year and I realized how much he has changed since he was born.  I'm pretty sure he's spent some period of time looking like every single relative of both Adam and myself, and now he has settled on his own look.  

Over the past 12 months Harrison has managed to:
  • roll both ways (front to back at 3 weeks...yikes!)
  • hold his head up
  • sit up
  • army crawl
  • scoot across the floor on his bum
  • crawl
  • walk/almost run with a prop or holding one hand
  • say:  Mama, Dada, Ella, what's that (sounds a little different than that, but I know that's what he's saying), uh-oh, vroom vroom
  • cut  7 teeth...almost 8
  • eat real food
  • visit Sick Kids (and stayed overnight in a hotel for the first time!)
  • make his first best-friend (Ella)
  • steal our hearts
An now on to the birthday party pictures!  We threw a 'Milk and Cookies' first birthday party for our little Harry.  I can't take any credit for the theme (thank you Pinterest!), but I did manage to do most things myself and therefore keep the costs pretty low.  Here's a look at the party:

The birthday banner...couldn't get it all in one shot and still read it, so there are three pics here.  Made from construction paper (I have a crap load of this stuff!), black crayon and of course clothes pins.

The party's 'focal point' as I like to call it.

Cookies and milk on the left, cake in the middle, veggies and fruit on the right.
Here's a better look at the cake.  I used a recipe for a two-layer 9 inch round yellow cake. I used white butter cream in the middle and dyed the rest of the frosting brown (it's not chocolate icing).  It's supposed to look like a gigantic cookie...hence the chocolate chips all over the place. 

 Here's a better look at the food.

Veggie tray:  carrots, cucumber and red pepper.  Fruit tray:  strawberries, grapes and apple.  I tried to stick with blue, green and brown for the party colours so I picked up some napkins in these colours.  I borrowed the food covers and the paper plates and serving trays were ours.
 More importantly, here's a better look at the treats!

We put out chocolate and white milk in a bucket of ice.  I made 5 types of cookies (arrowroot, peanut butter, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, chocolate snaps) and I bought some oreos.  The idea was for the kids (and adults if they wanted) to take home a bag of cookies of their choice.  I set out some paper bags and put the kids names on them.  I also made labels for the cookie jars (using my awesome label maker).  All the containers here (except the large white bucket) came from the dollar store and I have future plans for each of them.  The white bucket is normally used for the kids' bath toys (don't worry - we cleaned it first!)
Here are the home made party hats.  I also made some for Ella's birthday which you can check out here.  I'm planning a post on how to make these, so you can watch for it in the future.  I definitely recommend putting string or elastic to help keep them on the kids' heads.  I forgot that this time around.

If you look closely, on the left side behind the hats, you can see a few mason jars with straws in them.  I set these out for the kids to use for milk.  Of course no one drank any milk at all (it wasn't really 'milk weather'), and Ella was the only one to use a jar - for water.  LOL.  Another dollar store purchase and I have future plans for those too! 
Now for some fun.

Harry and cousin Riley swinging

A glance of the party in action.

The birthday boy in his birthday shirt.
I drew a number 1 onto a piece of paper and used this to trace onto the fabric. I bought two types of fabric scrap (blue and green with swirls) and cut the number 1 a bit smaller in the green fabric.  Next I used a couple drops of fabric glue to attach them together and then to the onesie (I just used a onesie he already had).  Finally, I sewed around the edge of the number 1 to keep it in place on the shirt - by the way, that is very tricky!

Sew cute ; )
 Gift opening time.

This is  a job for Daddy

Harry abandoned the gift opening for the sand table.  Adam has a few extra helpers though!

Ella has already swiped one of Harrison's new toys.

 And of course, we can't forget cake time.

He may be a little tired here...he only had one nap that day...or it could also be the double hat thing that's annoying him.

He seemed a little confused.

After a few minutes, he figured out it was food and dug right in.

And he kept going...definitely my son.
Lastly, we tried to get a picture of Ella, Harry and cousin Riley with their new Texas cowboy and cowgirl hats.  It was only partially successful.  

Two out of three ain't bad :D

I also have to post some pictures from today- his actual birthday.  The party was held on the weekend.

He got to use Ella's toy birthday cake.  It sings and you can blow out the candles.

He opened his presents from Mommy, Daddy and Ella
Well, he opened part of one and Ella took care of the other one.

Daddy is taking too long opening the box, so Harry is on his way over to help.

Finally!  He gets to take his new toy for a spin...and he gets stuck.
I think he had a nice day today.  Lucky for me, he won't remember it if he didn't!  I still can't believe we have a 1 year old and a 2 year old.  That sounds a bit crazy, so I might start saying a 1 year old and a 'just about' 3 year old.  

Thanks to everyone that sent a Happy Birthday message.  Hope you enjoyed the birthday pictures!


  1. looks like a great party > Nice job Jess you really did a great job. I am sure Harrison had a great day

  2. You did an amazing job with the party. You forgot to mention the part about the sunscreen and the afternoon bottle!
    Happy we could share in Harrison's first birthday! xo


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