Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A little bit about our busy day

We had a little bit of a busy day today.  It started bright and early at 5:30am when Harrison woke up...and stayed up (seriously child?).  Ella joined him shortly after at 6:00am - oh joy.  We tried our specialty of ignoring them, but Harrison has learnt to open their bedroom door (he can reach it from his crib) so it gets to be too annoying.  We were all out of bed by 6:30am - half an hour earlier than usual.  

Lucky for me, Harrison went down for his morning nap (at 8:30am) and had a nice long nap with no trouble.  While he was napping, I tried to get Ella outside but she wasn't interested.  All she wanted to do was paint and get tickled.  No joke - for about 20 minutes straight all she wanted was for me to tickle her.  

Here are her paintings.  She made one for me (bottom) and one for Adam (top).  As you can see, I was asked to paint a snowman on my picture.  Her favourite colour to paint with is blue, but she has used up all the blue paint.  She has now moved on to green.

When Harrison woke up, around 10am, we all went for a walk up to the post office.  The kids had a snack of biscuits and raspberries (finally on sale this week!!).  Then we came back and played on the swings and slide for awhile.  

The kids were scheduled to have their pictures taken at 11:40am, so I had to get them dressed and out the door by 11.  That was my plan anyway, and for once I actually stayed on track.  I think I was in shock on the way to Barrie.  Although I managed to make it out the door on time, this was no easy task!  I dealt with Ella first.  I brought her into the bathroom and stripped her down.  She had paint all down the top of both of her arms and biscuit crumbs all over her face.  When I showed her the dress she would be wearing for the pictures, she was quite impressed.  There was some twirling action. 

Harrison was a nice little mess himself.  There were raspberries up his nose.  I didn't think to take pictures of this at the time - it was quite the situation.   I also decided to wait to change him into his picture never know with that boy.  

I was on my own at the photo studio (meaning I didn't have Adam or my mom to help me keep these two under control!).  The photographers are very good there (dealing with little kids), but no amount of experience can calm these pretty much just have to wait it out.  The photographer tried to get Ella and Harry to stand holding hands, but Ella refused.  In preparation for the photo shoot, I told her she would get to 'sit on the white mat', so that's all she wanted to do.  Regardless, we made it out with some cute pics.  I should have them to post by the weekend.

We got back home by 12:30 (lunchtime!) where the kids lunches were pre-made (this morning) and waiting for us.    Thank goodness...there's a lot to be said for being organised!  It was very very odd, but both kids went down for their afternoon naps with no problems and slept for a couple of hours.  I love those days.

After the naps, we played in the house for awhile...

Harry pushing around any toy he can get his hands on

Ella showing off her hair-band...we're still working on that smile.
 And had some snacks...

It seems Harry got a little too excited by something while eating his snack.

When Adam came home, we all went out to the garden centre to pick up a few things.  I wanted Ella to pick out some flowers for her swing set's flower box, and I wanted to look around.  Ella loves going to the garden centre because they have kittens and chicks and fishes there.  We went to look at the fish tanks 4 times before we left.  They looked the same every time. 

Before leaving the store, Ella posed with this beautiful Dahlia.  She's going to be pretty disappointed when she finds out this is not the flower for her flower box.  

Overall, an enjoyable day!  

Stop by the blog tomorrow for my final "This from That" series Part 1 posting.  It's the best project yet!

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  1. I have a question and an observation:
    1. what exactly is hanging from below the snowman's waist?
    2. Ella's smile is great, I think you need to work on her keeping her eyes open!


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