Monday, 21 May 2012

May Long Weekend Fun

What a lovely long weekend we had!  The weather was amazing, we got central air (!!!) and we got together with some family and friends.  


My dad came over in the morning to install our air-conditioning, so I tried to keep Ella and Harry busy while Adam 'helped' with the installation.  While Harry had his morning nap, I took Ella for a walk down to the school park and to get our fire permit.  She had a great time on the slides, but she had a little fall on our way home (in front of our own house of all places!).  She ended up with her first ever band-aid!  

She's not too sure about the band-aid.  It came off shortly after and I promised to buy some with Dora on them.

Our glorious air-conditioner
I decided to whip up something special for lunch today.  I remembered this interesting blog post I read awhile ago.  It was called 'Muffin Tin Mondays'.  Unfortunately, I can't remember which blog I found it on, so I can't link up for you!  Anyway, we did Muffin Tin Saturday.  Ella was in HEAVEN.  She went around taking a bite here and there.  Of course, the cookie was the first thing to go.  She did pretty well, but there was some food leftover...mainly, the veg.

Ritz Cracker, watermelon, carrots, peas/corn, chocolate chip cookie, banana, raisins, goldfish crackers, yogurt, cheese, raspberries, macaroni pasta

Harry didn't get a muffin tin - but he did get another chance at using his own plate.  He didn't do so well.

After the naps, Adam took the kids for a quick visit with friends while I filled up the pool.  It was the first time getting out the pool - other than that crazy hot week back in March.

No room for Mom

She LOVES scooping water

Harrison's just happy to be in the pool
 Finally, we finished the day off with a delicious rib dinner.  We invited Nan and Pops over for dinner too.  Nan brought the dessert.

The best picture out of about 5 pictures.  She was very happy to have dessert...but we should have given it to her before she got into her jammies.

At this point she is sick of smiling for pictures and just wants to eat her dessert already!

Sunday (yes - I've only covered one day so far)

As with Saturday, we spent most of Sunday outside.  In the morning, Adam took Ella for a walk in the waggon and then she played in the van for awhile.  I think Adam was able to read most of his paper in there.  For some reason, she loves to play in the van - especially the driver's seat.  

Taking some time out from 'driving' to make a list for Mommy (she found my list book)

We also decided to take a trip Toys R Us to get Harrison's birthday gift.    As I was packing the diaper bag, I looked down to see Ella squatting beside Harrison.  I was able to snap a picture and overhear some of the things she said to him:

"Harrison, we are going to the Barrie"
"Look boy, this is a list"  (list in hand)
"Do you like me baby, ya?"

Only 10 am and already a scorcher - thank goodness for the AC in the van!

That's the end of my Sunday pics.  We went to a friends for BBQ dinner and then back to our house for the night.  I was hoping to let Ella stay up for her first bon-fire, but it didn't get started early enough.  Maybe on the next long weekend!


Today was another lazy day.  By this afternoon, we were pretty tired of all the heat.  We spent the morning outside again.  Ella played in her sand and water table...actually, it's now a sand and mud table.

Ahhhh!!  This stresses me out.  How is mixing sand and water fun?!

There's nothing like digging in the mud while wearing an adorable sun dress
I was also able to get Ella to help me pick the rhubarb.  I pulled it out and she put it in the wheelbarrow.  

 Next, Ella decided to get in the pool  Of course, because it was only 10am, the water hadn't warmed up yet.  We had to put some hot water in, but eventually she was comfortable.  She played in here for quite awhile this morning.

Allow me to stick Harry in here.  While lunch was being prepared, he took his baby for a walk.  After Ella went in for her nap (Harry goes a bit later), Harry wanted to take the baby stroller down the hallway in front of her door.  I wouldn't let him and kept turning him around.  This caused a bit of a problem.   When is really upset and pissed off, he lies face down on the floor crying as hard as he can.  He'll look up for a second and then his head goes right back down.  Poor little guy just wanted to push his baby stroller.

When Ella woke up from her nap, I took her to her favourite park (the one with the teeter totter).  This is a real treat for her because there is so much to do there and she gets to sit IN the sand and shovel. 

Filling up her bucket

She only stays on the tire swing for about 10 seconds, but she always asks to go on it.

She likes to go back and forth to each seat on the teeter-totter.

Her favourite part of this park - the bridge

Just wanted to sit on this bench for a few minutes

I was able to get this on the first try!  This is the bench we sit on to 'watch the cars'.  Unfortunately, not many cars go by this park.
 Unfortunately, the slides were scorching hot and Ella couldn't go down no slide pictures.  She just started going down the tallest slides on her own (without holding our hand).  Hopefully we'll get one of those pics soon.

We met up with Adam and Harrison and then went for some ice cream to cool down.

He knows we're going for ice cream

Enjoying her bowl of ice time, we'll get a cone.  What was I thinking??

Lucky for us, Harry doesn't know what he's missing.  I'm sure he'll try his first ice cream very soon, though!

After the ice cream, we went home and watched a movie before dinner.  We were all a bit too tired of the heat and being outside.  It was an awesome weekend all around and we are really looking forward to summer holidays now!  Adam's countdown is on.

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