Monday, 7 May 2012

Out and About on Monday Morning

Our Mondays aren't usually too eventful, but today was a little different.  I went a little camera crazy, so I'll showcase the morning using all these beautiful pictures.

Earlier this morning, Ella decided her Baby Stella needed a bath:

Getting out the shampoo

After the bath, getting Stella's diaper changed

Then we had to get Stella into her backpack carrier, so Ella could take her for a walk.

Quick change of plans, Stella had to go in her car seat instead.

Yet another change of plans - Ella is kissing Stella before her nap.

Blanket #1

Blanket #2

Blankets #3, 4, 5, 6 & 7.

After her nap, Ella feeds Stella her juice.  She was starting to get mad at me here because I was taking pictures instead of 'helping her'.

After our fun with Stella, we all got ready to go grocery shopping:
Stella came did Harrison, but he's already in the car at this point. 
I stuck Ella in the van and ran back in to get the bags and this is what I found when I came outside.  No - she was not in her car seat and got out by herself, and no -  I did not leave the keys in the car while I was gone.

Everyone all set to go...yes, that is Stella in the very back in her car seat.

Nan, Ella and Stella on their way into the grocery store.

The girls in the shopping cart (or on a roller coaster??)

Harrison in the other shopping cart 
Directly after this picture was taken, Harrison (somehow) wiggled his was around and slid out one of the leg holes...yes, his entire body...don't worry, we caught him.

Our last stop of the day:

Today was the Metis election, so I went in to vote!

Ella and me going into the polling station....I forgot to crop this photo, so hopefully that lady in the background doesn't mind being on the blog today!

Believe it or not, we were on our way home by 11:45 am.  It was quite a busy morning - but very entertaining.


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    1. sorry - not going to say. Also, there were too many names to remember.

  2. This blog needs more about Adam. He's a super guy.

    1. Definitely. Next time Adam sets up a craft, bakes or goes on an adventures with the childre, he'll be featured ;)

  3. such a busy

  4. I had to laugh out loud about the Adam comment, must either be Adam himself, Sjerps or your father!


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