Sunday, 27 May 2012

"This From That" Series Part 1: Little Girl's Apron

Due to a CRAZY busy week, I'm just getting to my 'this from that' project today.  It seems I bought a bunch of girly fabrics when I had my Goodwill shopping spree, so I have yet another little girl's project.

Along with my nice green stripey bed skirt, I found this adorable crib bed skirt.  It might be hard to see, but the fabric is a very light pink with darker pink polka dots.  The trim around the bottom is brown corduroy - ADORABLE!  There was no way I could pass by this fabric.

Try not to let the kitchen flooring distract you...

I didn't want to make another skirt, so I decided on an apron for Ella because I've been meaning to make us both (matching) aprons for awhile.  The pattern for this apron is a combination of my own and one I found on Pinterest.  I'll link to it when I get there!

The first thing I did was to rip out all the stitches attaching the pink material with the centre white material.  This was probably the longest part of the entire project.  I pressed all the pink material and put aside the white material - I'll probably use that to stuff some of my felt play-food.

I made the 'skirt' portion first.  I cut a rectangle of material which was about 20 inches by 12 inches.  I kept the existing length of the material (12 inches), but I chose 20 inches for the width based on one of Ella's skirts.  I sewed a 1 inch seam along each side of the skirt, but I left the top alone.  I love the existing corduroy hem - otherwise, I would have done a ruffle along the bottom.

For the waistband and tie, I used the pattern found here.  It was super easy to do, however, I wish my skirt was more gathered where it meets the waistband.  Next time I will be more careful with my measurements before sewing!

And here's the finished product:

I made this from that (above)

I'm thinking this will be a birthday or Christmas gift for Ella - so there's no picture with her wearing it...and don't tell her!  :D

Stop by the blog tomorrow to see the pictures from Harrison's first birthday party.  Well, here's a sneak preview.


Happy Sunday!


  1. Very Happy 1st Birthday to Harrison. I am sure he will have a great dya celebrating with Ella. Can hardly wait to see the pictures.

    Happy Birthday
    Sue and Al

    1. Thanks Sue and Al :D He had a lovely day! Pictures are finally up.


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