Friday, 18 May 2012

"This From That" Series Part 1: Matching Skirt, Blouse and Neck Tie

Another week - another "this from that" post!  This week I want to share adorable sister and brother matching outfits.

I found this cute Martha Stewart bed skirt for an amazing 99 cents!  I loved the stripey-green pattern right away - of course, I love all things green.  

The first thing I planned on making was a Baby Boy Neck Tie.  Of course, I've already made a few of these, so I'll just share my finished product.  

The pics are a bit darker than I would have liked!

Next, I wanted to make something Ella could wear to match.  Of course, I absolutely had to make a skirt!  I didn't really use a pattern - instead I improvised.   Here's what to do...sorry, these instructions aren't very detailed.  If you're planning on doing this project, you may need to get yourself a pattern, or contact me!

  1. Grab your stitch ripper and remove the pretty green stripey material from the white material.  This way you can maximize the amount of material you have for your skirt (I got an extra centimetre of usable material).  Bed skirts have the perfect length of material for a little girls' skirt.
  2. Cut out two pieces of material for the front and back of the skirt.  Generally, you would cut out another piece of material for the waistband, but I decided not to do that...mostly because I don't know how without a pattern!  For Ella's size (2T - 3T), I cut two 10" by 20" rectangles.  
  3. Pin the right-sides of the skirt together and sew up the side seams.  Flatten the seam and iron.
  4. Lucky for me, I was able to keep the original hem of the bed-skirt, so no need to hem the bottom of the skirt!  Although, that would have been my next step.
  5. So, I am making the skirt and waistband casing as all one piece.  With the wrong side still showing, fold down 1/4 of an inch of material along the top and iron.  Now fold down 1-inch of material and iron.  This will be the waistband.  Sew to create a casing - but leave 1 to 2 inches open so you can insert your waistband afterwards!
  6. Now it's time to insert your waistband.  You'll need to measure the waist this is going on first, and then cut the elastic accordingly.  You can keep the elastic a few inches longer and let it out as needed.  Using a safety pin, thread the elastic through the casing.  
  7. Sew the elastic band together once it's completely threaded.  Lastly, sew up the rest of your open casing.
  8. done!

Ella doesn't really have a blouse to match this skirt, so I decided to make one from the white material of the bed skirt.  I used the pillow-case dress idea, but I shortened it to make a blouse.  This white material is very thin (and see through!), so unless you can find a bed skirt that is a little less-used, I would use this part of the bed skirt as stuffing on other projects (like the felt play-food that will be coming to the blog soon!).  I also decided to tie the blouse at the back rather than the sides as with the pillow case dress.  I wanted to put a ruffle on the front of the blouse and I felt the side ties would be a little too much with the ruffle. Here are the steps to make this ridiculously easy ruffle.
  1. Cut a rectangular piece of material to double the length you want it to end up.  
  2. Sew a 1/4 inch seam down both (long) sides.
  3. Put your sewing machine on the longest length of stitch and sew a straight line down the centre of the material (lengthwise), but don't back stitch on either end.
  4. Grab one of the loose ends of thread and gently tug to 'ruffle' the material.
  5. Sew the ruffle to the front of the blouse

I love these ruffles and now that you know how to make them, you can add them to any piece of clothing you want!

Ella's completed outfit!
I made these from that (above)!

We hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!  Hopefully I'll have something silly to blog about over the next few days :D

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  1. These are adorable! Can't wait to see them being modelled.


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