Wednesday, 2 May 2012

"This from That" Series Part 1: White Pillow Case Dress

Hi all - Happy May!  I've decided to kick start the month of May with the first post of a new series I like to call 'this from that'.  I recently had a shopping spree at Goodwill, and I found several items that I plan to upcycle.  Each week in May I will try to devote one of my posts to showcasing an item I've created.  Today, I wanted to share this cute little pillow case dress I made for Ella.

I started off with this white pillow case I bought for 50 cents.  Actually, it was $1.00, but I went on half-price Friday!

It's hard to tell from this pic., but the material is almost silky.  Very nice to feel!

I washed and ironed the pillow case before making any changes.  I wanted to keep the original hem, so I used the opening from the pillow case as the bottom of the dress.   I also used length and armhole measurements from one of Ella's dresses, as a guide.  Then I made some cuts and sewed up some seams to make this cute little dress.

I made this from that (above)  :D
 Here are some cute pics of Ella wearing this dress.  I have been trying since yesterday to get her to put it on so I could take a picture.  If anyone has a child model that will work for free, let me know!

I asked her to smile and this is, of course, what I got.

What is with this face?!

Dancing in her new dress!

Stay tuned for some cute and easy dish clothes coming up next week!

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