Thursday, 10 May 2012

"This From That" Series Part 1: Dish Cloths

Let me begin today by sharing my new favourite soother for teething babies...the watermelon rind!  Harrison chewed on this bad boy for about 15 minutes the other day.  It was a delicious treat, and it was nice on the gums.

Now to clean up that mess he made, it's the second item in my "This From That" Series - dish cloths made from linen napkins and a bath towel.   

I found 3 brown and 3 yellow linen napkins for 25 cents each (regularly 50 cents!) and 1 white bath towel for 2 dollars (regularly 4 dollars!).  They are pictured below, but unfortunately the pics aren't great.

Brown Linen Napkin
White Bath Towel

Yellow Linen Napkin

This project was inspired by some 'Non-paper paper towels' I found here, on Pinterest.  They are so unique and I love the fabric.  I believe the pattern calls for fleece and terry cloth, but I couldn't find any nice fleece patterns on my Goodwill trip this time around.  Then I got thinking that we don't really use paper towels unless we're soaking up the grease from bacon, and I'm not about to make some beautiful non-paper paper towels just to soak up grease!   So, I decided to make dish cloths instead because we have a serious shortage of those around this kitchen.

I started by cutting out 8 inch squares from the napkins.  I was able to get 4 squares from each of the yellow napkins but only 2 squares from the brown napkins (that's 16 total).  Unfortunately, I only had enough bath towel to make 12 cloths, so I had to use the rest of the napkin squares for another project (or I guess I could find more towel!).

Here are a few of my finished products.  I planned to top stitch around the perimeter of each cloth, but the corners were extremely thick, so that didn't happen.  Regardless, they are unique and they sure do a nice job wiping down the kitchen counters!

I estimate each cloth costing about 30 cents.  Not too shabby!

I made this - from that (above)  :D

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  1. How come you're so awesome!?! Your babies=lovliness


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