Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thursday Afternoon

We had the craziest thunderstorm this afternoon!  It only lasted about 15 to 20 minutes, but man was it intense. When I started bathing the kids, the sky over our backyard was blue and the sun was shining.  After a few minutes in the tub, I could hear the wind really picking up .  I opened the bathroom window to look outside and noticed a very black sky in the distance.  About 1 minute later, the rain came!  It was raining so hard that we had about an inch of water on our front step.  I quickly pulled the kids out of the bath and we ran to the front door (them in their towels), so we could watch the rain.  Adam usually takes Ella out on the front step during a rain storm, but there was way too much water.  Before we knew it, the storm was over.  Here's a cute picture of Ella watching out the back door. 

Now I'm going to sneak in these cute pictures of the baby...

Engrossed in an episode of Dora

Super tired!!

 And the best part of the day - when Ella asked if she could brush my hair!  It was great.  I love having my hair done (who doesn't??).  Ella isn't great at brushing yet.  She basically puts the brush in my hair and moves it around so my hair gets all tatty.  She did a nice job tonight, though. 

I'm thinking in a couple more years she'll spend more than 2 minutes playing with my hair.  I'm really hoping she learns how to do french braids!  : D


  1. Did she tell you to "Hold your head still"?

  2. Did she hold your head still and tell you "I said...Hold your head still"?

    1., she didn't. But I keep my head pretty still, unlike some other people.... ;)

  3. sorry about the duplicate, didn't see the first tried again.


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