Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The best of times and the worst of times...

This is such an exciting time for us...well, me anyways.  In my circle of girlfriends, we've had two babies (love Nolan and Ava!!) born this year (to first time Moms) and there are a couple more still to come!  I can't believe how excited I get about friends having babies, now that I have my own.  I'm guessing it's because I can imagine how they're feeling once they get to hold the new baby for the first time...and then bring them home (ahhh)!  

Ella's first day home - we had a crappy camera back then

Harry's first day home

After my labour and delivery with Ella, I remember holding her in the hospital and thinking 'I can't believe I just delivered a baby -  It's finally over!'   WRONG - It was finally just beginning.   It turns out labour and delivery are among the easiest parts of parenthood...how could that be?!

Now, my children aren't exactly what I would call troublemakers, although, they do get into their fair share of mischief.  The hardest parts of parenting (so far) are the parts that are completely out of your control.  I'm talking things like potty training, eating, sleeping, tantrums, falls and the most difficult of all - illness (yep - so pretty much everything after they're born).  Don't be fooled!  Even the easiest of babies has their moments (cough, cough - Ella).

This is actually Harry - I couldn't find a pic of Ella freaking out.
This post comes from one terrible night we recently had with our girl.  She woke up around 12:30am one night this weekend and she was crying and crying.  I noticed she felt very warm so I took her temperature - 103.6!!  The highest it's ever been.   That was the point at which terror and panic took over.  What was the temperature that means we should go to the hospital?  (102...104??)  Did she have any other symptoms of illness? (crazy persistent dry cough)  What in the heck should I do? (luke warm bath?  [no] cool cloth on neck and head [i have no idea] Tylenol [hells yes]).  I ran and grabbed the Tylenol and she managed to get it all down.  

In the meantime, we noticed she was acting a little unusual.  She was saying things like 'look at the snow, it's incredidal' and 'why is uncle Marc here' and 'what is that girl doing?'.  Just when I thought maybe I could handle a fever - she starts hallucinating.  

I'm not sure if any life experience can truly prepare us for such a moment of pure terror.  I quickly took her temperature again (104 - are you blanking kidding me?), and again (102.8 - okay) and one last time (103 - what the!?).  I decided to wait a few minutes to let the Tylenol work and, of course, call my Mom to see if we should go to the hospital.  Do you think I have the number for Telehealth? That would be, no.  

I ended up taking her temperature half an hour later (the longest half hour in my life) and it was 101.  I was starting to feel a bit better, but she was still chattering on about who knows what.  Slowly, she calmed down and began making sense.  By 4:30am her temperature was down to 99.8 and we were finally starting to drift off.  It was a ridiculously long night.  Somehow, when Ella and I woke up at 9am, she was just a good as new  - no problem.  How are these children so resilient and I was still having a slight panic attack over the night's events??

I have no answers...but I sure am glad that is over. 

I am wishing my 'new mother' friends the BEST time with their adorable babies and all the strength to get through those unbearable times.  You have at least one friend here who's been there and can try to help you through!   :D

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  1. If your 'new mother' friends are as busy as you have been, they may not have a chance to read this thoughtful post until their babies are 6 months old!
    Glad I could be a small bit of help...you can call me anytime! xo


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