Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fathers' Day Adventures

Firstly, a very Happy Fathers' Day to all the dads out there!  We were glad mother nature saved the rain until the kids were on their way to bed tonight.  Here's a little peek of our Fathers' Day celebrations.

Ella and Harrison (Mommy) made this pop box set for Daddy - full of his favourite treats.  He is now all set up with some sour gummies, peanuts, sunflower seeds and pop corn!  I got this great idea off of pinterest - basically you  decorate the bottles and the box with anything you want.  Ours isn't as fancy as some of the ones I saw - but it is complete with Ella's artwork!

Next, we set up a game of home made miniature golf in the backyard.  This idea belongs to my own brain (FINALLY!).  I was able to use the scraps of paper left from the spring bridal shower crafts.  I cut these into flag-like shapes, drew the numbers 1 to 9 on them, and attached them to cake dowel rods using a clothespin.  The best part is they can be easily disassembled and the clothespins and dowels can be re-used.  I also used mason jars (because I have a bazillion empty ones waiting to be filled!) as the 'holes'.  They were a bit hard to hit the balls into, but it's nothing a nice little paper plate ramp wouldn't fix.

Flag for hole #1
The miniature golf course was pretty serious.  It was complete with a sand trap...


Look for the mason jar through the legs of the sand and water table...tricky Mommy...very tricky!

... and of course the dramatic ninth hole!

Look for the mason jar at the top of the slide...I am a genius!
Despite the challenges, Ella and Daddy both had fun.

Ella's first shot - she is nowhere near the first hole.

Adam's first shot - maybe I should have cut the grass a bit shorter.

I was able to get this 'action shot'

At this point Ella abandoned the game (yes, on the third hole), but Daddy was determined to finish. 
He made it around the sand trap!  What a skilled miniature golfer I married.

Daddy on the seventh hole

Finally made it to the ninth hole.  Ella is giving him a hand getting it up the slide.

Harrison joined the party after his nap...

...but he wasn't super interested in golfing.  He didn't make it past the first hole.

Uncle Marc also stopped by and shot a couple of holes.  Here he's trying out the challenging ninth hole.  While uncle Marc was golfing, Ella ran inside to get her whistle.  She was quite determined that by blowing her whistle, Uncle Marc would stop whatever he was doing.

Ella blowing her whistle - Uncle Marc not stopping.

Here's a nice whistle shot

I'll end off with a couple nice Fathers' Day pics.  It's easy to get a nice shot of Daddy and Harry.

Pinning Ella down is a little bit more difficult.  We managed to get one, though.  :D

We had a nice dinner at Nan's and Pops's house (where I'm pretty sure neither child ate anything and both had a slight meltdown at one point in the afternoon) and then we were back with both kids in bed and asleep by 8pm.  

Cheers to another year of fatherhood under the belt ; )

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  1. Was it mommy who emptied the liquid from the bottles so that they could be repurposed?
    You may be getting a call from the PGA to design a new course.
    Great job!


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