Thursday, 7 June 2012

Planting Flowers in the Playhouse

Hi there!  Remember last week's post 'A Little Bit About Our Busy Day' where we took Ella to get some flowers for her playhouse?  Well, we FINALLY got a chance to plant those suckers today!!

It actually ended up being another crazy busy - yet productive - day.  Here are the things I checked off my to-do list today:  vacuum all rooms on the main floor, hang laundry on clothes line, take kids to the park, plant vegetable gardens, take clothes off the line and fold, finish my book (The Glass Castle, Jeanette Walls - a must read!), plant Ella's flowers, bake 12 cupcakes, update the blog.   

Say What?!  Yes, I did manage to complete these things without ignoring the children...

Here's a little look at our day.

The kids playing outside after we got back from the park.  This is Harrison's first outfit of the day - but not his last...

Troublemaker at work.

After naps we came outside again - Harrison now in his second outfit of the day.  His first outfit was covered in sand and basically mud.  Here he is shoving more sand into his mouth. 

Mud face.

Here's Ella putting some dirt in her pail.  The dirt is for the flower box on her playhouse.

After snapping a pic of Ella digging the dirt, I quickly whirled around to find this...he's a tricky little one!

Ella's pail of dirt and the flower to be planted...she's on her way up to get them.

I don't even know what kind of flowers these are!  I couldn't find impatiens, so I grabbed the next cheapest flower!

Here's Ella putting some dirt in the bottom of her flower box.

Here I'm trying to help her get the flowers in place so we can put in the rest of the dirt.

And they're in!   I ended up taking over towards the end because Ella was putting about 1 teaspoon of dirt in at a time...

Of course, we watered them right away!

Ella was very proud of her flowers and her planting job, but we're placing bets on how long they'll last before she tries to pick them.

Adam had a meeting to go to tonight, so I took the kids over to my parents for dinner and a visit.  Ella got her first taste of a 'jump rope' - she's been talking about jumping ropes for days and I have no idea where it's coming from!  She was pretty excited when Nan showed her this fancy green jump rope.

Here Ella is jumping and coughing at the same time - which explains the expression on her face.

In the meantime, here's Harry playing soccer with Pops...kind of.

Ella was determined to tie one end of the rope to a tree (again, no idea where this is coming from) while someone held the other end.  Ella is actually jumping in this pic, although it looks like she's running.  Her jumping rope consisted of her jumping and running simultaneously.  She ended up about 20 feet away from the rope by the time she was finished.  If nothing else, we all had a good chuckle.
Well, that's about it for today. I'll have some more good stuff posted this weekend!

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